Saturday, December 1, 2012


I finally received the permission slips to add my students photos, so I'm super excited to share photos from our Thanksgiving feast!

Having a multicultural class, I love Thanksgiving, because it's one holiday that everyone celebrates.  I do have a Jehova's Witness who doesn't celebrate any holidays, but her parents allowed this one.

We spent some time throughout November learning about the first Thanksgiving, and the history of Thanksgiving. To wrap it up, the students wrote facts they learned about on paper turkey feathers.  Then they cut out a simple circle and drew a face on it.  This was one of many turkeys we tried making together, and it was the simplest, because it was just a circle.  In my opinion, it was also the cutest!  I will never try to sketch the shape of a turkey again!  I love the personality each of them gave their turkeys with the big eyes.  The headband itself is made out of a sentence strip.

My room was long enough this year (and my class size small enough) to push the tables together and make one very long table.  The kids loved it!  I was nervous about having the table over the reading carpet, but thank goodness there were no spills.

Last year I ordered a ham and turkey from Stop and Shop.  It was completely prepared, but had to be baked for a few hours before serving.  The lunch aide was kind enough to stick them in her oven at the beginning of the day.  Cutting it was a nightmare, and most of the students were afraid to try it.  Who wants to EAT turkey after all the cute turkey crafts they've been working on?

This year I made my life much easier by buying thickly cut deli turkey and microwaving it.  Once again only a few kids tried the turkey, so I didn't feel too bad about not having "the real thing."

I bought an adorable cupcake kit, but realized the morning of that I never made the cupcakes.  I loved these turkey toothpicks, so I ended up sticking them in the dinner rolls.  Thank goodness I didn't make the cupcakes- three different parents brought in sheet cakes!

I'm so lucky to have parents who immediately find a way to help without any directions from me.

 Can't wait to read about the Thanksgiving celebrations of all my blogging friends!  December is here!

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